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Help TSA identify your luggage as a uniformed airline flight crew member.

Navigate security with this Metal Captain Tag. Place one of these premium zinc coated steel Crew Tags into an uncluttered pocket of your luggage. This Captain Tag will identify the contents of your bag as belonging to uniformed Airline Flight Crew to the TSA X-Ray operator technician due to the properties of X-Rays and the metal of the bag tags. (You must be in uniform with a crew ID.) This tag was tested both internationally and domestically by CrewGear crew testers at many airports. TSA liked the Crew Tags and gave positive feedback in all tests. TSA suggested that a tag be placed in each piece of luggage. Tag comes with a vinyl storage envelope.Measures 1-1/2" x 5" x 1/16" . 1.5 oz. Available in goldtone! Made in USA.
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