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Great Large Aviator Drivers Gradient Sunglasses

See Through - And Fly Through - Any Weather Serengeti’s patented lenses increase depth perception and the ability to see detail and colors.
They provide virtually 100% protection from UV rays. The driver lenses automatically lighten and darken in changing light to give you the optimum amount of light transmission. Serengeti uses spectral control filters, which - by fine tuning light that hits the lenses - cut though haze and glare, improve contrasts without distortion, and enhance objects that are unseen through most sunglasses.

Model#: 5222
Frame Color: Matte Black
Lens color: Drivers Gradient
Size Information:
Base Curve: 6 Rx
Temple Length: 140mm
Lens Size: 61.75 x 55.55 x 68mm, DBL 10.5mm

"If you've never flown with Serengeti's' top driver lenses, you are in for a treat once you try them! First you will notice your eyes relax. Then you will be amazed at how sharp & crisp your vision will become. When landing on LAX 24R, with the sun setting in the west, I was able to see the runway through the dense smog 2 miles sooner than my F/O. He was wearing the WWII vintage competitor's sunglasses. I'll never fly without my Serengeti's!"
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P/N: SDG5222


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