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40 BlinksTM Sleep Mask
Ultra lightweight and portable molded foam eyemask contoured for pressure-free eye comfort. Arrive rested and refreshed on your next flight. Feels cool and light as a feather, even if worn all night. Adjustable straps fit all head sizes. Hand washable 9.5” x 3.5”. Available in black, dots, blue floral, bali & medallions

CrewGear tested several sleep masks, and 40 Blinks was the clear winner!! Here are some of CrewGear's Crew Tester Comments: No pressure on my eyes - very lightweight and comfortable, and most importantly, NO LIGHT LEAKAGE! - I could blink my eyes and my eyelashes did not even hit like on other sleep masks. It folded compactly in my crewbag - loved that it is lightweight. I used it on one transatlantic trip twice: In my room to stop the light leakage from outside, and then on return during my crew rest! Awesome! I won’t fly without my new “Blinks”!
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